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Grant Information


The Swimathon Foundation Community Grants Scheme offers funding to groups and individuals who provide and promote swimming in their local community. The Foundation is passionate about encouraging people to get involved with swimming, which it hopes to encourage even further with its Community Grants.

Grants vary from £300 to £2,500 and will only be awarded to organisations supported by pools that are participating in Swimathon. The grants are administered by British Swimming and the Swimming Trust and are awarded on an annual basis. Applications for 2016 opened on Monday 11 January and closed on Friday 4 March.

What can you apply for?

Applications are invited for funding for an innovative and sustainable project which will help more people participate in and enjoy swimming and to make swimming more accessible. Applicants must demonstrate in their application how the funding will allow them to:

  • Introduce people to swimming who would otherwise not swim
  • Increase the frequency that existing swimmers go to the pool
  • Improve the swimming experience for new or existing swimmers

Some of examples of groups that Swimathon Foundation Community grants will support, but are not limited to:

  • Community groups
  • Swimming clubs
  • Senior groups
  • Youth groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Disability charities
  • Scout groups
  • Healthy living groups

Examples of things that Swimathon Foundation Community Grants will not support, but are not limited to:

  • Pools or community groups that have received a grant from the Swimathon Foundation in the last 12 months.
  • Hydrotherapy pools
  • Grants that are put forward to cover day to day or essential running or maintenance costs or to fund projects other than that detailed in the application form
  • Organisations which promote a political party or activity

Please note the project for which funding is sought must not have started, although it is acceptable that a pilot phase has been completed to provide evidence of need.

Am I eligible to apply?

The criteria to apply for a Swimathon Foundation Community grant are below:

  • Have an innovative project idea so that it targets a group of swimmers that are not already regularly participating
  • Be able to have your project take place at a Swimathon pool and have sign off from the Pool Manager or their delegated main contact for this project to take place. A full list of participating Swimathon pools can be found on www.sportrelief.com/events/swimathon
  • Have a plan to make sure that your project is sustainable
  • Have an end date for your project of no later than the end of the calendar year
  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age and a resident in the United Kingdom
  • You cannot of received a Swimathon Foundation Community grant in the last twelve months.

If you have any queries in the meantime then please access the Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find an answer then please contact us on swimathongrants@swimming.org and we will endeavour to provide you with an answer within three working days.

We would like projects to take place from the scheme being approved to the end of the calendar year. Please explain in your application if this is not feasible so that the panel can take this into account when assessing the applications.

What is the selection process?

Applications for the Swimathon Foundation Community Grants will be considered by the panel and a decision will be made on the projects that have been successful with their grant application bid.

All eligible applications will be assessed and the grants panel will identify which score highest against our assessment criteria. There is a limited amount of funding for the Swimathon Foundation Community grants meaning that unfortunately not all applications will be successful. If your application is unsuccessful in this round of funding then applicants are able to apply again in the next round of grants.

Please note that the decision of the Swimathon Foundation funding panel is final and no correspondence will be entered in to in relation to any such decision.

Grant application dates

Applications for the 2016 grants opened on Monday 11 January and closed on Friday 4 March.

How will you know you have been successful or unsuccessful?

Applicants will be notified within four weeks of the Swimathon Foundation Community Grants panel date – please see above.

Please note that no correspondence will be entered into regarding the success or failure of an application.

How will I receive the grant if my application is successful?

After the Swimathon Foundation Community grant panel meeting we will email you regarding our decision. If your application is successful then attached to the email will be your offer letter which will explain the terms of the grant, a copy of the acceptance letter to be signed and a link for a monitoring and evaluation form to be completed online. This needs completing for us to arrange your first payment.

Once the above is completed we will ask you to email us an invoice for 50% of your allocated grant amount. If the forms are not returned within one calendar month, then we will assume that you do not want to take up the grant for the project. The payment will be made via BACS into your bank account once the above is received. Please include your address and bank details on the invoice that is sent through.

If you are unsuccessful we will email you to let you know.

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